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Psychological Test Reports

Our psychological test reports evaluate applicants for public safety positions, based on these highly regarded psychological tests:

The California Psychological Inventory (CPI) measures normal traits and characteristics, such as responsibility, integrity, and self-control.

The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) measures psychopathology, such as paranoia, aggression, and depression.

The State/Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI), measures predispositions to anger related behaviors.

Reports are designed for selecting officers in each of five public safety job categories, using job specific norms and prediction equations, based on tests administered to more than 100,000 applicants.

Life History Reports

Our Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) contains 255 fixed-response questions, plus open-ended follow up questions, designed for background investigations of public safety applicants.

Questions cover education, employment, military experience, law enforcement experience, driving record, financial history, criminal record, substance use, and general background information.

The report highlights serious and critical responses and computes an overall problem score that compares the applicant to a nationwide sample of applicants for the same position.

Our post-offer Psychological History Questionnaire (PsyQ) supplements the PHQ with 85 additional questions on psychological issues such as developmental history, adult relationships, parental responsibilities, psychological treatment and evaluation history, as well as job relevant sexual history.

Customer Service

Since our founding in 1986, Johnson, Roberts & Associates has maintained a comprehensive and responsive customer service program.

Knowledgeable Office Staff
are available for ordering, test processing, and basic software support.

Technical Support
on software and online testing is available via phone, email, or remote internet access to your computer.

on the use and interpretation of our test reports is provided by our company principals, Dr. Mike Roberts and Dr. Mike Johnson.

An Annual All Day Conference
consisting of presentations and panel discussions on professional topics, with continuing education credits awarded, is held for our major customers.

Testing Options

Tests can be administered...
• with test booklets and scannable answer sheets
• online on JR&A's testing website

Reports can be created...
• at JR&A's office, and sent to you by secure internet connection
• at your office, using our free Test Scoring System software